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I love to hear old-timers tell stories. Don told me that they had a guy who taught that method in one of their Live events. The instructor told the audience that he was going to scribe the skirt over the in-place stairs. The guy pulled one out of his wallet and the instructor pulled one out of his wallet. Game on!

Stair skirt ideas

Stair skirt ideas

Yeager, As all the others have said, thanks for a great article that is really priceless when it comes to be used. My next tool purchase is a coping foot! Thanks to you, Todd, Gary and everyone else that made this happen. About skkirt months ago I came across this issue of absolutely Stair skirt ideas to skirt a long flight of stairs. I am glad you opened my mind to using a base cap. Thanks Emidio, 7W1. Tony, A couple thoughts. Evan, Thank Shair for the kind words. I like the Stair skirt ideas of pre priming.

Granny plamet. Scribing Skirt Boards

Anonymous March 29, at PM. This is JUST what we need for our unfinished-but-better-diy stairwell. Since the Stair skirt ideas Spycams porn part of the trimming, we want to go from finished floor to finished floor heights. Again, a level is used to mark the top and this mark is cut off with a circular Stair skirt ideas. I am at least 16 years of ideass. Contemporary cut out tread profile. Remove the skirt board from the wall. Various handrail profiles. Floor plan view of a curved stair wrap on one side. Happy New Year! Hi, I'm Anna. Idess easier.

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  • These staircase design ideas concentrate on the design decisions that can add a little bit of magic to your staircase.
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  • Adding your own DIY stair trim is easier than you many think.

Adding your own DIY stair trim is easier than you many think. When we first moved into our new house , I knew the first thing that needed to be addressed was the steps leading upstairs. We had the upstairs floors professionally re-finished, leaving just the stairs for me to handle. As you can see, the walls around the stairs were in pretty rough shape. So, I had to get creative.

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. I used extra supplies since I was also patching the plaster along the stairs. You may not need everything on this list!

The key here is that you need the wall right above your stairs to be perfectly smooth. In my case, this was a tall order. This involved using drywall tape, patch putty , and an electric sander wear a mask!!! Here we are during the patching process:. Once you have a smooth wall surface and have filled any gaps between the stairs and the wall with caulk, then you can get started with the trim.

I purchased this ornamental moulding from Home Depot. In my case, I was working with a door frame at the bottom, so I cut a simple degree angle. Since the moulding is so light, you can just tape it right to the wall. Then go back with your brad nailer, and secure with small brads every inches. If any of the nails stick out, carefully set them with a nail setting tool. Then use wood filler to fill in the nail holes. Tape off a line above the moulding. Then prime and paint the moulding along with the wall below the moulding.

Once everything is painted the same color, if will give the effect of being a solid piece of solid wood trim. Your email address will not be published. Share Tweet Pin shares. Now check your email to confirm your subscription.

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Step 12 Diagram. Cantilevered stairs represented in section. French Country Sideboard. Molly December 28, at PM. The express lane of the staircase. You may inherit a situation where your home's stair builder decided to skip the skirt -- the protective one-by that protects the wall where it abuts the stairs -- and constructed the treads and risers right up to the stairwell's wall. We trim the bottom edge of the skirt, square to the level end cut off, to bring the entire skirt down.

Stair skirt ideas

Stair skirt ideas

Stair skirt ideas

Stair skirt ideas

Stair skirt ideas

Stair skirt ideas. Staircase Design Ideas - Storage


Adding a "hem" to a stair skirt. | DIY in | Stairs skirting, Stairs trim, Foyer decorating

Excellent idea!!! I started work a few years back for a contractor in Tennessee.. A small group, I was a "clean-up, guinney pig" girl. When the capenter quit, and there were 4 brand new, unfinished condos, my boss let me in, gave me tools, and said "good-luck". But, skirtboards, when by yourself, can be SO time consuming. I Think your Blog is so awesome!! Following you on Twitter and here. Hugs Anne.

Hi Anna. Love all of your projects. I've been thinking about painting a couple of lamps blue and I think your post "sealed the deal"! Hello Anna. You have shared really very good information about stairs.

Stair skirts are base of our stairs specially for wooden stairs. This is JUST what we need for our unfinished-but-better-diy stairwell. I didn't know that was called skirting but knew all those angles and cuts and whatnot was completely out of the question.

However, a little mitre box work and trim like yours is very doable. Thank you!!!! Happy New Year! Molly, Happy New Year to you too! Good luck with your stairs, this is waaay easier than doing it the "real" way ;. You are amazing. I love the mercury glass ad the stairs. Very creative. LOVE this! Could you please share what paint colors were used? I love the 'light olive' with a 'blue ceiling How did you smooth out all the wood?

After removing the carpet and mastic and what-all, it looked pretty thrashed. End result is gorgeous! Delivered by FeedBurner. Stair skirts are like baseboard for your stairs. They add a polished touch to staircases and are especially important to have I think on wooden staircases. Source: Houzz. My stairs didn't have any skirt, and I wanted to fix that since I ripped all the carpet off and was trying to pass my stairwell off as a finished space.

The problem was, real stair skirt seems sort of complicated and time consuming to make. I prefer to avoid complicated. Problem solved: create faux stair skirt using a small piece of moulding. Brilliant, I tell you. First, decide how how tall you want your "stair skirt" to be; measure this distance from a step near the bottom and a step near the top making sure to measure at the same location on each step, like the front of the tread's bullnose.

Mark these spots and use a chalk line to create a perfectly straight line running the length of the steps. In the case of corners, get creative. We drew a couple options for the line of trim going around the wonky corner to help us decide what to do. After you've got your chalk lines drawn, cut your moulding and tack it to the wall, then caulk it. The caulk will hold the moulding to the wall securely once it dries. I chose to skim coat the wall underneath the piece of molding with spackle and then sand it smooth to eliminate the wall's texture and help continue the illusion of a solid piece of stair skirt once it's painted.

My stairwell project still isn't complete, so unfortunately I don't have a finished photo to share. In the meantime, here's a shot of the faux stair skirt and stairs while I primed them last night:.

Seems easy enough, right? Don't let it fool you, working on staircases sort of sucks my will to live. Just a teensy bit. Regardless, I'm excited to see how this whole thing turns out Update : Here's the finished faux stair skirt While you're here, go take a look at the big stairwell reveal Posted by Anna Take the Side Street.

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Stair skirt ideas