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About High targeting efficiencies in ES cells were also achieved with G selection, Targeted large fragment deletion efficiency is about Targeted insertion of lacZ reporter with NEO cassette showed The procedures have bypassed in vitro transcription by directly co-injection of zygotes or co-transfection of embryonic stem cells with circular plasmid DNA.

Thuge insertions

Thuge insertions herald a new era of gene editing. The designed primer pairs for screening are indicated with blue and green. Blue arrows indicate genotyping primers. Insertikns improved zinc-finger nuclease architecture for highly specific genome Thuge insertions. A Overview of targeting strategy. Among them,

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About High targeting efficiencies in ES cells were also achieved with G selection, Targeted large fragment deletion efficiency is about Targeted insertion of lacZ reporter with NEO cassette showed The procedures have bypassed in vitro transcription by directly co-injection of zygotes or co-transfection of embryonic stem cells with circular plasmid DNA. The methods are technically easy, time saving, and cost effective in generating mouse models and will certainly facilitate gene function studies.

Genetically modified mice represent a powerful tool for dichotomizing gene functions [ 1 , 2 ]. Traditionally, mice carrying targeted mutations are generated by homologous recombination [ 3 ]. The procedures are tedious, less cost-effective and time-consuming. Various organisms including zebrafish [ 14 ], mouse [ 1 ], monkey [ 15 ], rat [ 16 ] and human cells have been successfully modified [ 17 , 18 ]. It has been a major problem for genomic editing that involves large DNA fragment insertion, deletion or replacement, where the larger the fragment, the lower the recombination efficiency [ 19 ].

However in many cases, large genomic sequence changes are required, for example, deletion of gene clusters, removal of long non-coding RNAs lncRNA and swapping of regulatory sequences. Different technologies have been developed to tackle this problem. But the efficiency is far from satisfactory. In this report, two circular plasmids expressing sgRNA and Cas9 were co-injected into mouse zygote to minimize the laborious and extra-careful preparation of in vitro transcribed Cas9 mRNA and sgRNAs [ 21 ], leading to complete deletion of the entire Dip2a gene, a 65kb fragment.

When the same two circular plasmids were co-transfected with a DONOR plasmid containing selective marker, the 65kb- Dip2a fragment was successfully replaced with a NEO cassette at high frequency in ES cells. This study was carried out in strict accordance with the recommendations in the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals of the National Institutes of Health as well.

All animals were maintained in a clean facility in Northeast Normal University. All animal experiments were performed using proper anesthesia before perfusion or any procedures. Philippe Soriano's lab. Tom Seto by Yaowu Zheng. Oligos were synthesized by Genewiz, Suzhou, China. All the cell culture medium were purchased from Life Technology, Inc. Cell culture supplies were from Nunc, USA. Oligos were re-suspended in H 2 O to uM final concentration. Insertion of linker was confirmed by DNA sequencing.

EcoRV restriction digestion was performed to assess the correct insertion of Dip2a left arm and LacZ. The left arm was cloned into the final construct using SalI and NotI double digestion. Clones previously tested with good germ line transmission were used in this study. Single isolated colonies were picked and grown in duplicates on 96 well plates for screening by PCR. Zygotes were collected in M2 medium the next morning from the infundibulum region of the oviduct, digested with hyaluronidase, and transferred into the M16 medium.

Microinjection was performed using an Olympus IX71 inverted microscope equipped with Narishige microinjector. The screening of founder mice was performed by tail PCR and sequencing. Then tail preps were diluted and boiled for 15 min.

PCR genotyping yields a bp fragment as expected if deletion happens. Products were run on 1. Fixed embryos were washed 3 times for 20min each in rinse buffer 2mM MgCl 2 , 0. Embryos were photographed with Olympus microscope equipped with Canon digital camera.

Fstl1 KO knockout mice have shown overt phenotypes, such as hydroureter [ 29 ], septal hypercellularity and end-expiratory atelectasis [ 30 ] et al. The oligos were annealed and cloned into pX vector as previously described. The strategy of targeting non-coding sequence was to prevent complete disruption of the gene due to high NHEJ rate in the other chromosome in case of potential lethality of KO. Higher amount of DNA resulted to lower cell viability and transfection efficiency Fig.

The faint band may Fig. To isolate pure Dip2a 65kb-deletion ES clones, ES cells were split onto mm cell culture dish with feeder cells after nucleofection. Three days later, single clones were picked, dispersed and cultured in 96 well plate in duplicate. A Dip2a gene genomic locus, sgRNAs cutting sites and genotyping strategy. Blue arrows indicate genotyping primers. Traditional gene knockout by homologous recombination is inefficient.

It requires long homologous arms, usually longer than 5kb, to produce reasonable targeting efficiency. This cassette is further flanked by bp and bp homology arms Fig. Single colonies that have survived were checked for homologous recombination by PCR Fig. The 65kb locus was replaced with NEO cassette with high efficiency.

The targeting efficiencies are This made further engineering possible for RMCE recombinase mediated cassette exchange , a tool of great importance in generation of humanized mouse models. A Targeting strategy of Dip2a gene. The designed primer pairs for screening are indicated with blue and green. B Schematic illustration of nucleofection and selection. The targeted clones in red and non-targeted in pink. C Recombination screening of left and right arm by PCR.

Mashiko and coworkers has reported generation of mutant mice bp deletion by pronuclear injection of circular plasmids expressing Cas9 and sgRNAs into mouse zygotes [ 21 ]. A total of 50 zygotes were injected and cultured overnight Fig. Among 14 live pups, 3 contained targeted deletion Fig. For further confirmation, the PCR product was gel purified and sequenced Fig. Mutant 5 and 13 share the same deletion sequence which was confirmed to be individual events by repeated tail cutting and sequencing.

All three founders were germline transmitted, with the transmission rate of B Genotyping 14 pups with the same primers in Fig. C PCR sequencing of 3 pups with deletion.

The PAM sequence is highlighted in green, the targeting sites are in red and the deleted regions are in blue. LacZ reporter mice have made huge contribution in revealing gene expression patterns and developmental studies. Expression patterns of Dip2a gene has never been systematically studied although important biologic functions have been suggested. Single colonies were transferred to 96 well plate and checked for homologous recombination by PCR. The position of primers are shown in Fig.

After screening by PCR, Among them, Correctly targeted cells were verified on the other non-knockin allele for mutations. Compared to the PCR-amplified wild type bp-fragment, 5 clones from the total 6 sequenced clones showed deletions from 3bp to bp Fig.

One clone was found intact. As expected, all the mutations were in the noncoding region and predicted to be harmless. A Overview of targeting strategy. B The non-knockin alleles were PCR amplified and sequenced. C Targeting frequency of G resistant mES clones. E LacZ staining of E DIP2A is expressed moderately in the brain arrowhead and at high level in the spinal cord, dorsal root ganglion and trigeminal ganglion arrow. The same combinations of plasmids were subject to direct zygote injection.

Correct recombination of both left and right arms were confirmed by PCR using primer pairs indicated in Fig. In this study, only circular plasmid DNA has been used to transfect or directly inject zygotes. Large DNA fragment can be easily deleted. Mutant 5 and 13 sharing the same deletion sequence indicated deletion preference may exist. With help of DONOR plasmid, high efficiency of insertion or exchange of large fragments can be achieved.

However, it is still challenging to make large genomic modifications over 20kb in mice. In this study, CRISPR-Cas9 has been proved to be a feasible and simple system to manipulate large genome fragment with high efficiency.

The result indicates that deletion of 65kb DNA fragment or insertion of 5. Generation of targeting vector is also complicated and time consuming. Therefore, generation of the targeting vector is relatively easy and fast.

PCR screening of targeted allele is also much easier compared to longer arms. LacZ reporter mice are very powerful models to dissect gene expression patterns and to study developmental events. Targeted insertion of reporter lacZ can better mimic the endogenous gene expression than traditional transgenic mice.

To generate lacZ reporter mice by direct injection of circular DONOR plasmid into zygotes and homologous recombination can save time and resources. The procedures used in this report are extremely easy and fast.

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Thuge insertions

Thuge insertions

Thuge insertions

Thuge insertions

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Huge insertions and calculations on vectors

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Thuge insertions

Thuge insertions

Thuge insertions