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She was Mims died Tuesday of complications following a stroke, said Aaron Beinhauer, director of Beinhauer Family Services, which is handling the arrangements. Mims participated in the original Cannonball Run, where her Cadillac limousine was wrecked with her teammate behind the wheel. Jones will take responsibility for UK sales, marketing, PR and aftersales, as well as the development of the MG brand. He has previously worked as brand manager at Bentley and marketing director at Kia UK.

Donna mae mims

From Our Partners. We notice you're using an ad blocker. Donna mae mims are commenting using your WordPress. I think Thompson closed after that race? Jonas Salk. She and her husband purchased a fuel-injected Corvette and developed an interest in automobile racing.

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Create One. In the movie, actress Adrienne Barbeau portrayed Ms. Mims died of complications following a stroke. Email Display my email on my public profile page. Magazine Classic Life. She raced many times in Rachel aziani anal sex, Daytona, and Riverside. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Include my email in message to volunteers. Memorial has been Donna mae mims successfully. Your Scrapbook is currently empty. Learn how to enable it. Miims requested that her body be seated at the wheel of a pink Corvette for friends and admirers to pay their last respects.

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Racers have a way of turning everyday fashion elements into pop culture icons. Steve McQueen cruised the pits at Le Mans in a white racer jacket, and it survives as a symbol of cool at the track. Jackie Stewart made tartan a valid choice for helmet decoration. And just try to imagine Richard Petty without his trademark cowboy hat. She even ran at the 24 Hours of Daytona.

The vivacious Donna Mae was an inspiration to Hollywood, too. At the age of 82, after a lifetime of adventures in the world of sports cars, Donna Mae died of complications from a stroke on October 6, Its initial owner was Dr. Jonas Salk, the man who discovered the first polio vaccine.

Jonas cruised the University of Pittsburgh campus in the little British roadster for a time before selling it to Bill Wissel, who transformed the car into an SCCA club racer. Ross, in turn, sold it to John Francis. John took the car from the Pittsburgh area out to Denver, where he campaigned it until The Sprite sat dormant until , when John decided to sell the car on eBay.

The car in the listing was painted white. Curtis ended up buying the Sprite, though he had no immediate plans to do anything with it. He told Jeff that if he ever wanted the car, it would be waiting. Before too long, Curtis approached Jeff about restoring a Jaguar XKE, and the Sprite became part of the payment for that restoration. Lo and behold, I found pink paint.

The Corvette mirrors and other little things matched up. Bonnie remembered that the car had rolled, but her father had made the necessary repairs and continued racing the little Austin-Healey. He stripped away the old layers of paint and was pleased to find reasonably solid metal underneath. Considering the tight deadline, Jeff was fortunate that the car had survived its dormant years with few negative effects.

The engine, which was a bit frozen when Jeff picked up the car, decided to cooperate with some negotiation. I pulled the pan and inspected the bearings—they looked beautiful. I buttoned it up, detailed it, and it ran well. Jeff recreated the era roll hoop and replaced any rusty body panels with fresh metal. The floor pans were still solid, another big timesaver.

After sandblasting away several layers of paint, Jeff primed the tub and applied a fresh coat of pink to the Sprite. Jeff immediately knew that his thrash to get the car done was worth every ounce of effort. All kinds of people came by to take pictures. Before the feature Sprite race, Jeff and Donna Mae took a lap around the Mid-Ohio circuit in the snarling pink sports car, with fans cheering at every corner. She was a real firecracker, always full of energy, always having fun.

I was fortunate to have seen her and that great Pink Bug Eye race at Marlboro many times. In my mind each stood out above others of that era. Good article Thanks for the share. Three fat guys in a mini all the way from Cornwall, Ontario! Slow weekend in Canada. I think Thompson closed after that race? Anyone still got a program? You'll need to log in to post. Log in. Login Digital Edition Buy a Subscription. Join Free. Try Our Other Magazine. Get our newsletter Sign up.

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Great lady. The Yenko dealership had a division involved in automobile racing, and in , Mims started racing cars with friends from Yenko. Posted by Rachel H-G at Later, she would race Yenko-modified cars. You can unsubscribe or customize your email settings at any time. Not loading? Show password.

Donna mae mims

Donna mae mims. More articles to Female Factor

Posted 08 October - This is very sad news indeed. I saw Donna Mae race back in the '60s and she was a winner. Last talked to her a few years ago at Mid Ohio when I was surprised to run across this nice lady dressed in worker whites directing paddock traffic. As I got closer I noticed all the pink accents; hat, ribbons, shoes, etc. It indeed was her, and I had an enjoyable chat. I recommend clicking on the link that Tom has posted as it has a nice tribute and summary of her career.

Posted 08 October - it's always sad when an icon takes the checkered flag for the last time. Racing in California seemed so exciting and so far away in those carefree days. God speed Donna Mae. Edited by David Force, 08 October - Kane David M. Kane Member 5, posts Joined: December She'll be missed. I liked her pink helmet! Posted 09 October - A colorful character and a hero to many from the Pittsburgh area as well as many of the areas she raced.

My wife knows the names of very few club racers from the past, but she really knows who Donna Mae "Think Pink" Mims was. The last time I saw her was at a Steel Cities region club racing event about 3 years ago, where she was working grid.

Posted 09 October - My condolences to her family and friends. Is there any possibility of getting permission to reproduce an image of Donna Mae Mims with her Sprite? Thanks in advance Gary editor midgetandspriteclub. Not bad, but not enough focus on her role as a pioneer in the sport. I love the details of the funeral, she had her own vision and is keeping it to the end.

Spry and enthusiastic, and obviously well-loved by her fellow drivers. RIP Mike. Posted 09 October - It is always sad to see a happy and colourful life like Donna Mae's come to an end. The obituaries make for very good reading. They don't make them quite like Ms. She requested that her body be seated at the wheel of a pink Corvette for friends and admirers to pay their last respects. Magazine Classic Life. Nobody remembers second place Photos: Getty Images.

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Donna mae mims

Donna mae mims

Donna mae mims