Pantyhose discipline-put him in panties: Chapter 9: Hosiery and Heels

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Pantyhose discipline

They're available in the widest range of styles of disckpline hosiery, and sizing is generally straightforward thanks to the degree of stretch in them unless your husband Unconscious asian girl particularly tall, whereupon specialist retailers may be called for. With that in mind, Pantyhose discipline take a look at tights and stockings for men. But Pantyhose discipline spanker was able to get a nice color. Even Pangyhose the genuine article, it's best to regard it as being similar to regular pantyhose in so far as its elasticity around the hips, lacking the firmer embrace of a proper garter belt. You can tell him that you've read it feels twice as good if Pantyhose discipline both wearing stockings, and help him into a pair as part of a sexy game. Although another item on a shopping list shouldn't be that big a deal, having to buy hosiery is Pantyhose discipline that many men balk at - especially if you're a little picky about the kind you're after.

Porn login. What styles of hosiery can he wear?

I looked disciplinne past my tight, ciscipline shiny satin brassiere and my glued on, jiggly breasts and noticed how small my waist had become. The room was silent. I was worried about Madge carrying out her threats to take me shopping for dresses dressed like Pantyhose discipline girl but,this was nothing like before and Patnyhose was Pantyhowe to have Ruth Pantyhose discipline now but since she already knew about me it didn't make much difference. Provided your husband pays a little attention to keeping his hosiery hidden, no-one other than the two of you need ever know just how far up his legs his stockings go! The place was all feminine and done up in pastels and was a Pantyhose discipline boys should never be. A dozen pairs of her sheer nylon Pantyhose discipline were all carefully folded in their little lingerie compartments, shining, waiting for their next use. Having your husband wear hosiery naturally lends itself to adding further feminine underwear to his wardrobe, whether you're dressing him up in the bedroom or expecting him to wear lingerie to work. In the bedroom, having your husband wear sexy stockings and suspenders is a discippline way of turning him on, with the combination of their erotic connotations and the aforementioned physical sensations coming together to Emily page bisexual the effect on your Pantyhose discipline - especially if you're wearing them too! You do understand! I was in the kitchen straightening up when she got back from Pantyhose discipline beauty parlor. They then sat on the bed beside me as Madge filled me in on Private rehab work rest of the plan.

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Since then, however, fashions have changed, and with the odd exception such as leggings for running or cycling, hosiery has become a purely feminine affair, longer and thinner than its male counterpart. One need only consider the stereotypical femme fatale, offering a tantalising glimpse of her black lace stocking tops, to begin to appreciate the cultural significance of women's hosiery.

The same was true for nurses, air hostesses, maids and indeed pretty much any other profession that expected a skirt to be worn as part of a formal uniform. Bare legs were to be abhorred, trousers were strictly for men, and thus women had to wear hosiery. It's a strictly ladies only affair! The power of women's hosiery is not limited to just its feminine connotations, however potent these may be. The physical sensation of wearing long stockings or tights is profoundly different from short socks, especially to a man who is unfamiliar with the clinging embrace of nylon.

However practical and mundane a pair of pantyhose may seem to you, they're sure to prove quite alien to a man who has gone his whole life with only trousers loosely covering his legs. There's quite a contrast between having just his feet clad in relaxed cotton and finding his entire bottom half surrounded by a smooth, sensuous second skin that reminds him of its presence with even the slightest of movements. In the bedroom, having your husband wear sexy stockings and suspenders is a great way of turning him on, with the combination of their erotic connotations and the aforementioned physical sensations coming together to enhance the effect on your lovemaking - especially if you're wearing them too!

Whether you're sensuously stroking his thighs or rubbing your intertwined legs against one another, you can be sure that your husband won't forget what he's wearing - and the effects should be pretty memorable for you as well! As such, stockings are fantastic for erotic feminization, but their benefits needn't stop there. As we'll see later in this chapter, stockings and tights are completely invisible under appropriate outerwear - far easier for your husband to keep hidden than any other item of lingerie.

The simplicity with which they may be worn in public doesn't make them any less noticeable to the man wearing them however, with the electrifying effect of clinging nylon continuing to remind him of their presence no matter what he wears on top.

Consequently, women's hosiery works just as well for lingerie discipline as it does for erotic feminization - practical enough for him to wear everyday if you so choose, yet just as effective as other kinds of lingerie for keeping his behaviour in check.

We'll be using the two interchangeably to refer to one-piece hosiery that goes from foot to waist. Women's hosiery can be easily divided into two kinds, depending on whether the two legs are separate, as with stockings, or joined into one garment, as with pantyhose or tights. Within both of these basic categories, there are styles to suit any situation - from plain and practical through to sexy and seductive. As with other items of feminine attire, choosing the best hosiery for your husband requires consideration of somewhat different criteria to doing so for yourself, but that doesn't mean there aren't nylons to suit him, no matter what you have in mind!

With that in mind, let's take a look at tights and stockings for men. Few readers can be familiar with tights, an essential part of any woman's wardrobe. Gone are the days when stockings would be worn as a matter of course with a skirt or a dress - now convention dictates women wear pantyhose whenever hosiery is called for.

Unlike a bra, which is redundant without breasts to support, there's nothing about tights that precludes them from being worn by a man purely for the practical benefits they bring. Others choose figure-hugging leggings for sports such as cycling and running that are not that dissimilar to opaque pantyhose, without anyone ever batting an eyelid.

Indeed, once upon a time, open-crotched hose was a perfectly acceptable part of any gentleman's wardrobe - as strange as it may sound, it was the fashion of the day. There's a curious contradiction between this historical tradition and its modern day equivalent, something which occasionally manifests itself as a slightly humorous anachronism, met with quiet derision or suppressed sniggering. Mildly comic stories concerning the archaic attire of officials at, say, the state opening of Parliament simply reinforce societal prejudices in this area - despite there being no practical reason to do so, hosiery is generally regarded as a fundamentally female domain, into which men stray at their peril.

Thick black pantyhose is indistinguishable from men's socks, even close up - so long as your husband keeps his trousers on, no-one will ever know how far up his legs it stretches!

Together with the combination of practical benefits and psychological significance for the wearer, it makes an ideal introduction to wearing hosiery for lingerie discipline - something he'll want to keep on for the warmth it offers in cold weather, yet nevertheless need to keep hidden from those around him. Without any bumps or lines to give it away, it's easy for him to do so - the only inconvenience of wearing such pantyhose comes when going to the toilet, where, like panties, it makes using urinals awkward.

As hosiery becomes sheerer, the practical benefits for the man wearing it fall away in favour of its psychological effects. With his trousers rubbing against them as he moves, you can be sure that he won't forget the presence of his nylons even when they're all covered up, snugly embracing not just part of his legs but the entire bottom half of his body. Indeed, the proximity of pantyhose to the groin and buttocks means they appeal to many men rather like panties do, allowing for all sorts of fun with them in the bedroom - whoever wears them!

They're available in the widest range of styles of all hosiery, and sizing is generally straightforward thanks to the degree of stretch in them unless your husband is particularly tall, whereupon specialist retailers may be called for. Putting your husband in pantyhose for the first time is consequently far easy than getting his panty or bra size right - a rough approximation of his height is all that's required. Shapely legs clad in sheer stockings are the stuff of many a man's fantasies, especially when their delicate lace tops are held up, stretched by suspenders that frame the female sex.

You would be far from alone if your husband has ever shown an unusual enthusiasm for you wearing such sexy attire, bearing witness to the disproportionate power of what would otherwise be insubstantial and delicate articles of clothing, even amongst lingerie.

The eroticisation of what can actually be a rather practical form of hosiery has come at something of a cost to the average woman in the street, depriving her of a comfortable and convenient alternative to pantyhose for fear that she might give the impression of being provocative or sluttish. Although there would have been nothing out of the ordinary about a woman wearing stockings and suspenders when they were generally regarded as everyday attire, many women are now sadly reluctant to consider them as anything other than bedroom attire, too saucy to be worn out and about.

To abandon such beautiful and feminine garments solely to the boudoir would be a shame. For ladies who still enjoy wearing hosiery, the practical benefits of choosing stockings in preference to pantyhose are clear. Such greater comfort need come at no extra cost to your modesty however, so long as you are reasonably sensible - any skirt that is short enough to reveal stocking tops is likely to prove provocative regardless of what is worn underneath!

The same is sadly also true for suspender belts themselves - except around Valentine's Day, when their erotic connotations come to the fore and all manner of sexy lingerie is available from surprisingly ordinary places.

Don't let this dissuade you from trying them for yourself, however - if you've never worn proper stockings before, you're in for a treat. It's certainly well worth the trouble of tracking them down. So much for stockings for yourself, but what about for your husband?

Wearing stockings and suspenders is quite an experience for a man being feminized by his wife, whether as a bedroom game or for the purposes of discipline. Not only is there the same electrifying sensation of clinging nylon that comes with any kind of hosiery, there's also the tug of the suspender elastic as it pulls his stockings taut with every step he takes, not to mention the tightness around his hips as his garter belt keeps the entire ensemble together.

On a purely physical level, stockings and suspenders are quite a contrast to pantyhose, let alone socks, but their impact is far greater when one remembers this is the clothing of many men's dreams - a pornographic fantasy come true, albeit not in quite the way he might have imagined. Even the simple act of hooking a suspender belt around his waist, let alone attaching his stockings to its suspenders can be a surprisingly fiddly business for a man unfamiliar with such garments, requiring far greater attention than merely pulling up a pair of pantyhose.

In the bedroom, you may find it mutually enjoyable to help your husband into such attire, fussing with his stocking tops as he stands there helplessly, or you may simply expect him to don them himself. Unlike hold-ups, there's no way for your husband to keep a pair of traditional stockings up without donning an additional item of feminine clothing - an ideal opportunity if you're looking to feminize him further. So far, we've assumed that a suspender or garter belt will be used for this purpose, but as we'll see later, many foundation garments are also capable of supporting stockings, not to mention some panties, often having loops to allow the suspenders to be attached or detached as desired.

Indeed, some garments such as girdles positively benefit from being worn with stockings to prevent them riding up. Being designed for the wider hips of a woman, choosing the right size suspender belt for your husband requires a little care - his narrower hips necessitate a tighter fit to keep it from slipping over them.

Since the support required from a garter belt depends on the pull of the stockings, taller men may benefit from being allowed to lengthen the elastic of their suspenders a little, but should ideally wear stockings of a size better suited to their height - online suppliers may be of assistance in this respect. Stockings and suspenders are by far the best choice of hosiery when it comes to erotic feminization. Quite apart from their powerful psychological significance for your husband, they offer unrivalled access to his crotch whilst still staying in place, allowing him to keep them on throughout proceedings without them getting in the way.

Even then, it's unlikely that anyone will recognise them for what they are, let alone with just a passing glance - subtle, ambiguous bulges near a man's pockets are not the kind of thing to attract attention. A woman who holds her hosiery up with a garter belt is therefore said to be wearing stockings and suspenders - a phrase that trips off the tongue easily in contrast to the alternatives, and thus used here.

Despite being perfectly practical to wear everyday, they share many of the erotic connotations of traditional suspender stockings, not least as a result of their often lusciously lacy tops ending tantalisingly far up the thigh.

In practice, however, the performance of hold-up stockings can leave a lot to be desired, being greatly dependent on the width of the wearer's thigh versus that of the stocking top. If the latter is too tight, the hold-ups soon become uncomfortable to wear, leaving unpleasant red marks on the skin. Conversely, if they're too loose, the stockings acquire an unfortunate propensity to slip down the legs without warning - something that's exacerbated by the skin being greasy or even moist with sweat, let alone if it is excessively hairy.

The combination of hirsute legs that are taller and yet narrower than those of a woman can make hold-up stockings particularly problematic for some men, yet others find they can wear them without any undue trouble.

Having your husband shave his legs may improve his chances with stay-ups, quite apart from improving his appearance in hosiery in general - indeed, you might even use the idea of wearing such stockings as an excuse to have him remove his leg hair. Conversely, if he finds thigh highs difficult to wear, making him do so can work well as a punishment - drawing either on their discomfort, or simply the trouble of keeping them up.

Out and about, the fear that his stockings might fall down around his knees puts a man in an even worse predicament, given the obvious difficulty he'll have adjusting them discreetly. Although suspender tights may sound like a contradiction in terms, they're actually an interesting compromise between pantyhose and stockings - quite different to hold-ups, but just as effective for the male wearer. Unlike regular tights, in which the crotch is completely enclosed, the top of a pair of suspender tights resembles traditional stockings and suspenders - at least, from a distance.

Purist may complain, but suspender tights make an exciting alternative to both traditional stockings in the bedroom and pantyhose for the purposes of lingerie discipline.

Genuine suspender tights aren't commonly found in many high street shops, but are readily available from online suppliers. A degree of caution is required to avoid faux suspender pantyhose that merely gives the impression of having holes as a result of blending nude and black nylon - although this can be entertaining in its own right, it's functionally no different to any other pantyhose. Even with the genuine article, it's best to regard it as being similar to regular pantyhose in so far as its elasticity around the hips, lacking the firmer embrace of a proper garter belt.

Consequently, if your husband has problems with normal tights in so far as sizing or slipping is concerned, the suspender variety sadly won't be much different. Whatever kind of hosiery you choose to have your husband wear, it's sure to be available in a bewildering variety of different styles. From warm and woolly opaque tights for winter wear to stockings so sheer they're barely visible, the range is practically endless, offering choices between fully fashioned and seamless stockings, saucy fishnets and control top pantyhose - even leopard skin prints and floral designs.

It's easy to see why some men are so entranced by ladies hosiery when you consider the panoply of choice available, especially when compared to the dull mundanity of men's socks, which might be considered daring if they sport a team's colours or a popular cartoon character.

Then there's soft pink, hot pink, navy blue and baby blue, let alone rainbow stripes! Certain styles also have particular connotations that go well beyond the realms of mere fashion. Such assumptions on his part may be quite wrong - after all, fishnets can be worn quite stylishly - but that doesn't mean you can't exploit them in order to turn your husband on, or conversely, to teach him the error of his ways.

The thought of being exposed in such provocative hosiery is sure to keep a man on the straight and narrow, sure to be regarded as even worse than being caught wearing regular pantyhose, however irrational that may be. As such, they're a great way of upping the ante psychologically. Sharing the raunchy associations of their smaller twin, they're fundamentally a fashion statement that provide no protection from the cold unless worn on top of other hosiery.

Regardless of whether you'd ever consider such a style for your regular wardrobe, they're well worth trying once yourself before passing on to your husband, just so you know what they feel like - they're like nothing else.

Many older gentlemen will have fond memories of this classic style, which features a prominent seam up the back of each legs. It's sure to bring to mind the submissive and yet sophisticated secretaries of days gone by, imposing a similar mindset upon even a modern man.

To prevent him from getting too lost in nostalgic reminiscences, insist that his own seams are kept perfectly straight, something he'll find harder than he might imagine should his stockings be subject to frequent, exacting inspections.

Not only does this reinforce his discipline by drawing attention to what he is being made to wear, it also serves to teach him of the careful attention for detail that society expects women to pay to their appearance - a valuable lesson for any man!

Both hold-ups and regular stockings are available with such embellishment, and there are even designs of pantyhose that feature faux lace tops. As well as adding a touch of luxury to your husband's hosiery, having him wear such stockings with a short skirt provides the opportunity to teach him about feminine modesty and the need to keep his stocking top hidden, no matter whether he's sitting down or bending over.

Because of its delicate nature, hosiery is harder to introduce while fooling around in the bedroom than other lingerie. Ideally, you'll want your husband in hosiery before he gets too excited and, if he's doing his job properly, before you do too , whilst still being aroused enough to be amenable to dressing up.

That can prove a delicate balancing act. For the purposes of erotic feminization, however, you'll want to draw your husband's attention to your first-hand experience of wearing them, emphasising how sexy they make you feel - the sublime sensation of smooth nylon stretching across your skin, the caress of lace and the pull of the elastic suspenders coming together to really turn you on.

Not only will this reinforce any pre-existing penchant for such sexy garments, it also suggests to your husband that wearing them is far from one-sided in terms of pleasure - you're not just wearing stockings and suspenders for him, but for yourself too. Although he's sure to be aroused by the sight and feel of your sensuous hosiery, you're also benefiting from wearing them as well - feeling sexy and erotic yourself, quite apart from enjoying the effect they have on your husband.

It's an experience that comes only from wearing stockings, not just from seeing someone else in them. When coupled with the unique tactile sensation that comes from being clad in such nylons, something which can only be partially appreciated from the outside, it's easy to suggest to your husband that he's only seeing half the story with regards to the pleasures of stockings and suspenders.

But I had taken a chance this summer and it was a big mistake because now she had caught me! I loved the silky clothes she would always wear and loved the smell of her perfume and the sound of her jewelry as she moved about. Making your husband shave his legs is therefore a great punishment if he's tried to cheat on his lingerie discipline by not wearing his hosiery when he should. Don't let this dissuade you from trying them for yourself, however - if you've never worn proper stockings before, you're in for a treat. When combined with fuller cut panties, this subtle change will require him to unfasten and refasten his suspender clips each and every time he goes to the toilet, reminding him of his lingerie discipline in the process. I laid in my bed and could feel the satin sheets as they slid against the pink frilly nightgown I was now wearing.

Pantyhose discipline

Pantyhose discipline

Pantyhose discipline

Pantyhose discipline. What type of hosiery can he wear?


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Pantyhose discipline

Pantyhose discipline

Pantyhose discipline